Italy: Update about Peppe – The review court confirmed the precautionary measure in prison (December 13th, 2019)

The hearing for the review of Peppe’s precautionary measures took place in Turin on December 13th, an anarchist arrested in Verona on November 26th and immediately translated into Montorio prison, also in Verona. The review court unfortunately confirmed the precautionary measure in prison.

The address to write to Peppe is the following:

Giuseppe Sciacca
Casa Circondariale di Montorio
via S. Michele 15
37141 Verona
Italia – Italy

The coordinates to contribute to present and future expenses are as follows:

Postepay card addressed to: Maria Emilia Grigolini.
Card number: 5333 1710 3675 7769.
Iban, necessary for international transactions: IT05P0760105138250239950240.