Prison of Rossano Calabro, Italia: Report of the talk with the deported sardinian imprisoned anarchist Davide Delogu

After months of struggles by Davide (followed by 3 complaints and months of isolation) we were able to get a talk authorized. During the talk Davide confirmed that the punitive transfer to the prison of Rossano Calabro, where he is now imprisoned, is due precisely to these complaints (in total he has 15 for his struggles in prisons and especially in the Sicilian isolation).

He is keen to let us know the condition we live in Rossano, where detainees punished from all over Italy are imprisoned and in his section many have made the 14 bis [particular prison surveillance measure, in which a form of isolation is applied to the prisoner; not to be confused with the detention regime in 41 bis] and even long sentences. David still has 2 years of disciplinary isolation, but they prefer not to have them start in this prison because they know of his file and David’s previous struggles in isolation.

He is well, physically fit and morally strong, despite all he has had to face in the approximately 5 years of isolation he has done between various 14 bis, the disciplinary ones and those without any title.

In Rossano he is always locked up in his cell, he takes little time to walk because he manage his time between training, readings and correspondence and also because he can’t stand the guards giving orders; the guards at the walk are often muted by him because he refuse to pass into the metal detector (in the prison there are many of these tools, placed in each entrance).

He send a greeting in solidarity to all.

To write to Davide, the address is as follows:

Davide Delogu
C. R. di Rossano Calabro
Contrada Ciminata snc
87064 Corigliano-Rossano (Cs)
Italia [Italy]