Italy: Update on operation “Scintilla” in Turin, “Renata” in Trento


Update on the repressive operation “Scintilla” in Turin and news on the operation “Renata” in Trento/Rovereto


This is an update about the repressive operation “Scintilla” in Turin and news about the operation “Renata” in Trento/Rovereto.

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and Roundrobin

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***Turin – Operazione Scintilla***

Giada and Larry were released from custody. The accusation of subversive association (Article 270) was dropped. The
other accusations remain for all defendants, except: Niccolò was sentenced to “double imprisonment”, one for art. 270, the
other for a firecracker apparently found in his house.

Background information on Turin, see

You can continue to write letters to and support the remaining Turin prisoners:

Silvia Ruggeri
Casa Circondariale Rebibbia
Via Bartolo Longo 72
00156 Roma

Niccolò Blasi
Casa Circondariale Ferrara
via Arginone 327
44122 Ferrara FE

Giuseppe De Salvatore
Casa Circondariale Ferrara
via Arginone 327
44122 Ferrara FE

Antonio Rizzo
Casa Circondariale Ferrara
via Arginone 327
44122 Ferrara FE


***Trento/Rovereto – Operazione Renata***

Statement found on:

7 comrades were arrested on 19 February 2019 in Trentino. They are accused of subversive association with the purpose of terrorism (Article 270 bis) and an attack for terrorist purposes or subversions (Article 280).

The short-term nature and the large scale of the repressive operation “Renata” – in addition to the arrests, more than 30 searches have been carried out – do not yet allow us to get an accurate picture of the allegations and the investigation hypothesis, nor do we yet know in
which prisons the comrades are locked up. However, we do not need more time or more precise information to say who the detained comrades and other persons involved in Operation Renata in different ways are.

They are comrades who have been engaged for years, not only in the cities where they live; in the struggles against war and militarism,
against borders, raids and the reactionary wind that is cutting off our air more and more. Against prisons and police violence. The comrades were determined not to leave the fascists any space and capacity to act, they were determined to fight against the many projects of environmental destruction, from the high-speed line Verona-Brenner to the wall of Mori.
Comrades who on many occasions stood by the side of those fighting against the constant deterioration of working conditions.
comrades, whom we have known and appreciated for many years, for their courage and determination.
Precious comrades.


This is the bank account for solidarity donations for the detainees of Trento

IBAN: IT04H3608105135138216260316268 (Name: bezerra kamilla)


Picture in the article on Barrikade:

Solidarity demonstration in Genoa on 1.3.19 for the arrested of the operations “Scintilla” in Turin and “Renata” in Trento/Rovereto. Banner:

“Against the rule of fear and against the racism of the state, only the
struggle pays off. Freedom for those arrested in Turin and Trentino”.

In moments like these, we stand together. Regardless of whether the comrades are «guilty» or «innocent». The state will always persecute those who want to overthrow it. So let’s take good care of each other and not leave the prisoners alone!

In closing, we would like to quote a part of the accusations that led to the arrest of the comrades in Turin:

“In order to establish contacts within CPR [Immigration and
Repatriation Centre], they threw tennis balls with a multilingual
brochure and a mobile phone number with which they agreed simultaneous
actions within and outside the CPR structure. Then they put matches and
everything needed to start a revolt and setting fire in packages of
biscuits and other goods.”

May the revolt spread.

Feuer den Gefängnissen. Feu aux prisons. Fuoco alle galere. Fire to the prisons.


Black Pigeons Collective