Italy – Updates on the ‘Scripta Manent’ trial

At the hearing on 14th November a calendar of future hearings was once again announced after the expert appointed by the court to transcribe phone tapping asked for more time, obtained a 60-day extension and a second expert was also appointed.
The prosecutor made it known that the judicial police had forgotten to deliver a CD audio and asked for an extension of the custody measures, but for the moment a calendar was set out complying with the length of custody… which is due to expire at the end of February (taking account of the 30/35 hearings till now, from mid-January the deadline slides to 18th February, plus some more days considering the hearings due in January). During the hearing of 14th, a DNA expert appointed by the court following Capra (DNA expert for the defence)’s report, gave his statement; the expert for the defence had challenged the reliability of the old report in several points.

A DNA examination for Alfredo was made again concerning evidence held by RIS carabinieri on the device of 2005 and on what was left of its handles. Of course nothing came of this… except the ‘pollution’ of more than 30 DNA profiles, which according to RIS carabinieri is due to subsequent contaminations. But the object under examination doesn’t appear anywhere! There only remains a probabilistic discourse on an analysis of 2012 between a mixed profile of several items and a partial one obtained by a part of the handles of a plastic bag [of the device found in] 2005; at the time alleles compatible with Alfredo’s profile were allegedly detected. Defence lawyers will give their technical explanation on the matter through their expert, but it is simply a question of alleles shared by a wide range of population (‘Italian’, ‘Caucasian”, etc.), to which the discourse relates, where probability figures vary according to comparison data put into a software that analyses them.
If we look at the whole story of this trial, its being a bit of a stretch is self-evident.
For want of something better, prosecutor Sparagna keeps trying to add more papers to this trial. On the 14th he decided to ask for the addition of:
– Prison Police (escort squad) notes of 18th July 2018, probably relating to behaviour in court
– Pescara and Turin Digos notes of June 2018
– Fenrir issue 9;
– ‘Scripta Manent’ defendants’ declaration for 31st May
– ‘List of FAI/FRI attacks in the world’
– Scripta Manent pamphlet
– Vetriolo issue 2
– Mail service police notes concerning updates of the CNA website from May to November 2018
In practice an endless procedure that ‘investigates’ or rather collects random documents on past, present and future solidarity.
For the moment the calendar is:
7th December – technical hearing with no debate
22nd-23rd January– prosecutor’s indictment hearing plus plaintiffs
11th-12th-13th-14th-15th February – defence
The hearing on 7th December should clarify whether there will be any other news regarding times or date changes.