Italy – 9 October, first day of the “Panico” operation trial

Yesterday, Tuesday 9 October, the first hearing (postponed from 12 July) of the trial for the “Panico” operation took place. A large presence of comrades warmly welcomed the entrance in court of the three comrade prisoners present at the hearing, to the growing irritation of the president of the judging panel. The three answered greetings, smiling and waving, while the infamous guards tugged at them to their place in the front row; they were not put in the cages but sat next to their lawyers, separated from the other co-accused by a compact wall of screws. A move that however did not prevent the exchange of looks, kisses, and signs of affection between us and them.

The hearing took place according to the same old script: there was once again the discussion on the admissibility of the civil parties, the judges withdrew to deliberate, then re-entered and proclaimed that, even at the united trial, all the civil parties (already mentioned at the preliminary hearing) are eligible. Subsequently, there was a brief debate about the temporal order with which to prepare the appraisals on interceptions with respect to the testimonies (whether before, after or during), and the request for evidence by the prosecution and the defence. The hearing ended with the scheduling of the following four hearings:

October 18, 2018: introduction to the investigation, the head of the Digos will speak;

– witnesses (cops) re the Melograno fight on 21 April 2016

– witnesses (digos) re the presence outside the police headquarters the same night, after the arrests

– texts (digos) re the antimilitarist stall of February 2016

8 November 2018: witnesses for the accusation re the events of 25 April 2016, gathering and demo in solidarity with the arrested

December 13, 2018: to be defined

December 20, 2018: to be defined

As far as attendance in court is concerned, we learned that the three discussed this at the hearing and decided not to attend that of October 18th; if that were confirmed, we would be happy to desert the courtrooms as well. Instead, they considered being present at the hearing on 8 November, but we are waiting to get their final decision.

The day continued outside the prison of Sollicciano for a further greeting to our comrades and to

all the prisoners: unfortunately we couldn’t make ourselves heard by Paska, because as soon as the hearing ended he was taken back to La Spezia prison (hopefully he at least heard the shouts at the passage of the three prison vans). The gathering was animated by slogans, shouts, music and fireworks, and illuminated by a fire set off inside a section, which enveloped a part of the prison in smoke for some time requiring the intervention of the firefighters.

We then moved towards the centre, and in an agile visit left a few signs of our passage, words of anger and solidarity that stood out on the oppressive white of the city of “decorum” and “beauty” of total commodification.

The day ended in the churchyard of S. Spirito, subject of the attention of the mayor, cops and servile journalists over recent months because of the umpteenth “anti-degradation” order that prohibits the “bivouac” (that is, simply being in the square ) after a certain time in the evening. We happily bivouacked with food and wine until we felt like it. The day was positive after all, although there was nothing to “celebrate” about the trial starting, but we hope that these small gestures of solidarity warm the hearts of our comrades still hostage in the homeland’s galleys … A big thank you goes to the compas of every part of the peninsula (and not only) who came to Florence for the occasion, for their presence, for their ferment, for their contagious strength.

With anger & love

P.S. The new address of Paska, transferred to La Spezia prison, is:

Pierloreto Fallanca,

C.C. La Spezia,

piazza Falcone e Borsellino 1,



P.P.S. The new Iban of the support account for legal and prisoners’ expenses is: